Here you will find variety and selection for your local. A wide range of products, brands, gastronomic novelties, culinary innovation... and much more!

We leave you with our most exclusive selection.

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Riscales Alimentación is a family business, with more than 35 years of experience, dedicated to the distribution of high-end food .

We have been able to adapt to the gastronomic needs of the market, developing new product lines and fusing values ​​such as tradition, quality and innovation.

Where we are?

We have 2 offices, the main one located in Cehegín (Murcia) , in the Polígono del Muladar, and the second located in Ibiza , in the Polígono de Cana Palava.

We store the vast majority of our products in our warehouses, in refrigerated and frozen chambers.

Our team

We are a specialized team that shares a common goal: "To offer superior quality products when you need them".

Our philosophy is based on the constant search for the latest gastronomic novelties.

Our products

Our slogan "Variety and selection for hospitality" makes it very clear that our range of products is very wide and diverse, as we have more than 1,500 references .

Our brands

We bet on brands that are aligned with our values, and that put quality and commitment first. Thus, we achieve the exclusivity of highly prestigious brands such as La Finca de Jimenez Barbero, Coren, Froya, Sánchez Alcaraz, Brandao, LOV Ferments, etc.