Our selection of Cheeses

Among our wide variety of products, you cannot miss an exquisite selection of cheeses: cured, semi-cured, fresh, sheep, goat, soft, intense and always authentic.

If you are one of those who always resort to a basic, we have the cheeses of a lifetime : matured, cured and semi-cured.

If you like more intense flavors, you have to try our Manchego cheeses .

And if you are even more daring, then you will opt for our sheep cheeses with a thousand and one flavors : pesto, brandy, chili, Pedro Ximenez, with chestnuts, with truffle, with espellette pepper, with flowers, with tomato and oregano...

And you, how do you define yourself?

You want to know more?

You will love cheese even more! If you want to know more about our exclusive cheeses, contact us directly by sending an email to marketing.riscalesalimentacion@gmail.com

You can also request catalogs and price lists for your premises.